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Notice: We moved to a new chat program, so if you have an account in the old chat program it will not work with you in this new chat.
Please click on members login button and register new account (don't worry it's easy and all VIP, Moderators and Admins will be the same in here).
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  • This text chat rooms are totally Free. No registration & No download is required.
  • By entering text chat room, you agree to be at least 13 years of age.
  • Register an account with Email or Facebook. And you can also chat anonymously.
  • You can talk about any topic that is on your mind, so long as it is clean.
  • No nudity pictures allowed on those chat rooms. You will be kicked or banned if you did.
  • No emails, phone numbers or websites links are allowed to be posted in public chat.
  • if there is any suspicious activities relating to the exploitation of chat users, you can report it to a moderators or admins.
  • Absolutely no flooding the chat room or disrupting other users in any way. You will be muted and banned if you do.
  • Your nickname must be clean. Avoid using the words sex, young, younger, older for younger, ...etc as your nickname.
  • This chat room not a place for vulgar and/or tasteless chatter so chat must be clean.
  • Do not give out any personal information to anyone, no matter how much you think you can trust them, For more information, please read this (Chatting safely in chat rooms).
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